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There are 2 indoor delivery options: Threshold placement $160.00 or Indoor Placement $265.00. Read below.

Sentry Fireproof Safes with 
2 Hour Protection


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Sentry Fireproof Safes - 2 Hr Fire-Rated Safes

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These Sentry home safes come with a UL 2 Hour Rating.* They are also ETL verified for protection of CDs, DVDs, Memory Sticks and USB Drives from fires. Perfect for homes and offices too and water-resistant.  Choose a Sentry home safe with either an electronic or combination lock.  

UL 2-Hour Fire Endurance Test: Product is subjected to temperatures of 1850 F (1010 C) for 2 hours. The interior remains below 350 F (177 C) to protect documents.

*Water Resistance Testing: These models were subjected to the following conditions:

tested for 15 minutes with up to 1,000 gallons of water spray
tested for 1 hour standing in 6 inches of water 

PLEASE NOTE: because these safes are designed to keep water out, their tight seal also keeps humidity in. They come with a desiccant pack to keep in the safe to help protect against humidity. If you chose to store delicate items such as jewelry with working parts, watches, stamps or photos in your safe, Sentry recommends putting them in an air-tight container, prior to placing them in the safe for storage. Do not store pearls in safes. They are organic and need to breathe. These safes are not designed for guns or pistols.

Limited one-year warranty plus lifetime after fire replacement guarantee

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2 Hour Fire rating

Model OA5848 Water-resistant,  Impact Rating,  Media Rating  

  • Electronic Lock/Tubular Key Lock
  • 2 hr fire protection
  • Impact Rated
  • Outside: 23.8"H x 18.6" W x  19.3" D
  • Inside 19.5"H x 14.8"W x 11.9"D
  • Capacity 2.0 Cu Ft
  • Weight 126 lbs

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Model QE5541

Water-resistant, Impact Rating  
  • LCD electronic lock
  • Outside: 23.8"H x 18.6"W x 19.3"D  
  • Inside: 19.9"H x 14.8"W x 11.9"D 
  • Capacity: 2.0 cu. ft. 
  • Weight: 211 lb.

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Retail $950.00
Your Cost $599.63

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*Sentry offers two indoor delivery options:
Threshold Placement:
Delivery personnel will place goods inside first exterior doorway, garage or carport.  Includes up to four (4) steps exterior to first doorway.  Customer is responsible for final placement, unpack and debris removal.

Indoor Placement: Indoor Placement includes having the product brought in and placed where you want and then the packaging is taken away. The delivery people will not help you learn to operate your safe or bolt it down. There are limitations...there can only be 2 flights of stairs, and the flights cannot be more than 10 steps.  If there is anything unusual about your situation such as delicate flooring, steepness of stairs, narrowness of stairway, difficult entry into the building, the freight company may request additional help at an additional cost to you. If you think your situation might require an extra person, please call us so we can clarify.  1-877-442-9964

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